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Ex Gov Ajimobi rejects Buhari's ministerial offer

Former Oyo Governor Abiola Ajimobi has declined President Buhari's offer to serve in the federal cabinet.

Immediate past Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, has turned down an offer to serve in President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term cabinet, Pulse can authoritatively report.

President Buhari is only days away from
submitting a list of ministerial nominees to lawmakers for screening,
vetting and confirmation; with each state of the federation
constitutionally required to have a representative in the federal

Nigeria’s list of ministers is often dominated
by members of the governing political party and Ajimobi, 69, of the
governing APC, has politely told the president that he would be passing
up the opportunity to represent Oyo in the cabinet.

“While rejecting the offer, he offered to recommend younger people to fill in the role”, an aide of Ajimobi’s told Pulse.

Waiting for Buhari's list

President Buhari recently confirmed that he is still sweating on his list.

Re-elected for a second term in office on
February 23 and sworn in on May 29, the president has been bashed in the
media for dithering on his list for the second time of asking.

The Nigerian leader infamously spent six months without ministers after being elected for a first term in office in 2015.

However, Buhari said
even though he is under immense pressure to make his list of ministers
public, he is taking his time to avoid a repeat of the mistake that saw
him appoint ministers he barely knew, last time out.

“I’m very much aware about it (public
expectations over the list); I’m under tremendous pressure on it. But
the last cabinet which I headed, most of them, the majority of them I
didn’t know them. I had to accept the names and recommendations from the
party and other individuals.

“I worked with them for three and half years at least; meeting twice or two weeks in a month. So I know them now.

“But this time around, I’m going to be quite me in the sense that I will pick people I personally know”, Buhari said on Thursday, July 11.

The National Assembly will embark on recess before
the end of July and Buhari says he’s aware that lawmakers have to
receive his cabinet list for mandatory vetting and clearance procedures
before their vacation.

The National Assembly will reconvene in September.

Ajimobi's senatorial loss

Ajimobi served as Oyo Governor for the constitutionally permissible two terms from 2011 to 2019.

His attempt to return to the senate after his time
as governor elapsed met a brick wall as Ajimobi lost the Oyo South
senatorial seat to Kola Balogun of the PDP.

Grapevine sources have told Pulse that Ajimobi retains hopes of wresting the seat from Balogun through the courts.

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