election facts and figures
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election facts and figures

the article gives a detailed information about the 2019 elections.

Election also called asMAHATYOHARin India. The very first election was held in india in the year 1951. The lok sabha election held in india conducts an election over 545 constituencies out of which 2 seats are selected by The President and rest are elected by the people. India being a vast and populated country has 900million voters that is 1.5million voters for each MP.Uttarpradesh being the largest populated state consists of 80 constituency.

2019 lok sabha election was held in 7phases with following time table

Phase 1:- held on 11 April for 91 constituency in 20 states.

Phase 2:-held on 18 April for 97 constituency in 13 sates.

Phase 3:-held on 23 April for 115 constituency in 14 sates.

Phase 4:-held on 29 April for 71 constituency in 9 sates.

Phase 5:-held on 06 May for 51 constituency in 7 sates.

Phase 6:-held on 12 May for 59 constituency in 7 sates.

Phase 7:-held on 19 May for 59 constituency in 8 sates.

The elections are held under ELECTION COMMISSION of india whose president is SUNIL ARORA.The votes are taken and stored using Electronic Voting Machine(EVM).The EVM machine has two parts that are Control and Balloting part.The polling booths are set up in every areas of india.The distance between two booths is 2km . Every voter goes to booths and caste their vote.An ink made of silver nitrate is applied to the voters so that theu can not cast their votes twice.

The election has costed $5.2million to the government which includes the pay of the election officials and the booth expensions.Apart from this huge amount of money is used in campaigns by various political parties. The two major campaings slogam this year were "MAI BHI CHOWKIDAR" by the BJP and "MAI NAHI HUM" by the congress party.

RESULTS:- Resultsare announcedon 24 may in which NDA won the election by securing 347seats while the UPA secured 87 seats and rest seats are won by local parties or independent bodies.The BJP party formed the government with maximum seats. The oath ceremony is held on 31st may. The cabinet ministers are then decided. The few cabinet ministers include Amit Shah as home minister rajnath singh as defence minister,Ramesh Pokhriyal as education minister etc.

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It is blog giving complete information about the 2019 elections figures.

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