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Elder Leke Has Our Mandate By Comr Ibukun.

Elder Leke Has Our Mandate By Comr Ibukun.
Our federal constituency has long suffered like the people of Israelite in Egypt, we wallow in poverty and deep red sea yet we had no way out.

Now it is time for liberation, our long suffering is about to come to an end. This is not a dream, its a reality that has come to the lime light to shine.

Our people have tried as much as possible to search deep what Elder Leke has for them, luckily they were able to realize he is the answer to our hard puzzle. His map is suitable to proffer solution to the under development we've been facing for a long time. Emphatically his coming is timely and genuine.

Collectively our mandate has been handed over to him, because we derive more interest in his antecedents.

Leke is a vast entrepreneur who's believe is to invest more in people and see them successful, no candidate has a matching qualities with him. He is setting a pace of good interaction between the Elders, Youths and Women across Yagba Land.

Indeed he has come to liberate us from the guise of no respect for humanity, looking far into the education system he has watered it and he is ready to revive our it and make our youths feel the essence of education.

We have this conviction that a lot of things will conveniently be made easy for the people without fear. These and more reason galvanize our mandate for Elder Leke Abejide, which goes beyond party lines.

Common sense is enough as a yard stick for average lives of majority of people within a specific age view, which makes us know that our development as a people is much important and paramount than anybody"s interest. Leke has our interest and we're entrusting him with our mandate.
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