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Effects of shortcuts in life and how to avoid it.

Shortcuts in life seems cool but untill we its effects, maybe we shall be forced to abstain from it
I wish there had ever been shortcut to the top, i actually would have struggled to accesss one if possible, but unfortunately, there is never a shortcut to the top. That is why getting to the top is called success. You have got to take it step by step, beat those hurdles and life challenges you encounter on your journey in life. Not completing the task you ought to complete to get there, is simply not success. So, incase you have thought of accessing any shortcut in life, by going an extra mile, i will advise you think again because, there is no traffic after the extra mile ( shortcuts ).

Effects of shortcuts

1 wasted efforts

I know how it feels like to put all your efforts trying to achieve that one goal and at the end, it all seems to be wasted efforts. This is common when you try such by taking shortcuts in life thats because, you did not follow the right procedures to get there, the faults begins to lay cracks and then, everything crumbles real fast. Its just as building a house, the foundation has to be there and then the right steps will be carried out to ensure that the house remains firm and solid.

2 Regrets

Those times of our lifes when we wished we never got to do certain things are torments to us, causing us mental suffering and mental suffering limits our mental strength. Which is why it is important to keep check of every life step we take to do something in other not to put us through those life regrets that we never wished for. There is no way we can cheat nature. So, respect nature and its laws.

3 Wasted time

Time is very precious. Its important we spend it on life projects that will carry us on a long ride to the top and even higher rather than, wasting the time on a project that takes you to cloud 9 and brings you back to zero. Time is the greatest luxury, once wasted, you can never have it back. Let time serve as a progressive tool to us rather than a failure tool. It all depends on how it is used, the motive it is used on and the plan attached to using it.

How to avoid life shortcuts

1 Avoid mediocrity

Look, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, nobody says excellence cannot be achieved from whatever it is you do in life. You just have to decide you want to be very good at that things you do. Being good at what you do makes you feel great and keeps you on track.

2 Distancing yourself

Identify those negative vibes from certain people and distance yourself from them. Mingling with the wrong fellows is setting yourself up to complying with what ever acts or decisions they make, if you don’t distance yourself from them.

3 Wait for the right time

Do the right things, work hard, expect great things and wait for things to fall in place. When the right time has come, your wishes begins to fall in place. Reject the urge of jeopardizing what the future holds all because you could not have patience. Remember, patience is key. Do the needful and don’t misquote other people’s time with yours.

4 Don’t follow the crow

Make sure you don’t confuse the truth with the opinions of the majority. Because most people say it is right, doesn’t mean it is right. It is very important you know you shouldn’t be scared to stand alone and standing for what you believe in. You also have to buiłd your mental strength to enable you carry out the task.

5 Avoid procrastination

Many people have fallen victim of failure because of procrastination. Do things immediately when it comes to avoid falling victim of wasted time that eventually leads to taking shortcuts all because, you want to make up for all the time you had wasted and, the hurry puts you in an awful situation.

6 Avoid malice and forgive

It may sound odd but its the truth. Holding grudges and malice, tightens your heart and could push you to the edge of doing certain things. When you don’t forgive and keep grudges, you begin to form enemity that generates hatred and envy such that, when you see the person you have grudges with, succeeding or progressing, your tighthened heart coupled with the hatred and envy, forces you to take shortcuts so you could generate a competition between you and that person and beat the person.

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