Your wish is your command
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  • Your wish is command through finishing your studies.Here u can have a good work not easily but step by step ,through your knowledge u can use this as your weapon to change ur world.You have a good work ,you have a good money.But yes, I'll admit it sometimes it can lead us through depression,stressed and tiredness which is trial for us to solve , Sometimes we choose to work early than to study cuz it just waste of time.Dont doubt anything most importantly don't doubt your self .dont lose hope cuz this is just a 28yrs.experience. I'm sure that u will missed being highschool,college student..ur friends ,crush,exes all of them will just be ur memories. As u can see time running fast right now it just like yesterday.when u get old .You will just look through that pictures and smile sadly.Remember this Education is your key to ur dream it may be irritational sometimes.project ,thesis or anything.I'm sure u will i hope time come back

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