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Drops From Ecstasy

This is a poem when drought takes place being a prominent disaster on Earth. It is a poem bedded on nature, free life inside the coherent environment.
Rains fall to blot every single one

To color and beautify the ranging world
Angry, sad, or simply ready to bustling
From a whirlwind of leaves rustling
Gathering fruits and smelling soggy of the plain.
Writers, painters and lovers wait for drops of
Trees, plants and creepers even birds and beasts
To cuddle the coolness of droplet from heavens.
Men, women and children pray for God
For shower of rain falling on the earth
Keenly eying the sky for first sign of grey
Cola, detergent, cover and all other ads,
Swiftly having a dash of monsoon raids
Couples, farmers and shop-keepers
Singing, Dancing and chuckling in the rain.
Roads swell up, houses and hedges wash away
Slums and quarters submerge under water
But the children and young make rafts and play
To float in water besides streams and bay
To enjoy the beauty under natural green.
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