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Dozens of deaths and over a thousand injured in Gaza protests.

Dozens of deaths and over a thousand injured in Gaza protests.
After the Israeli-an army shot at protesters there where dozens of deaths on the Palestinian side.
The Palestinian ministry of Healthcare reported dozens of deaths after the Israeli-an army opened fire at protesters at the border fence between Gaza and Israel.

The army of Israel opened fire because there where more than 35,000 people protesting at the fence.

The reason why they are protesting is because Israel celebrates their 70-years anniversary which is, looked from the Palestinian side, a catastrophe for the Palestinian people.

Also today is the day that the US will move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Something the Palestinian people are not happy about. Trumps daughter, Ivanka Trump, is present with husband Jared Kushner. They already arrived this Sunday and already had a visit to Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

The protests, which started in March, where already violent from the start. Before monday there where already 40 deaths reported on the Palestinian side. There are no reports from the Israeli-an side on injured people or deaths.
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