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DIPLOMATIC GOD, English Song Lyrics

DIPLOMATIC GOD, English Song Lyrics
Politics, Man's usual daily affair.
One Stanza only projected here. Full Song has few Stanzas and each Stanza has Four Lines. Each Full Song Lyrics has different genre. Copy Right Protected Song Lyrics.
Inspirational and motivational Song Lyrics. For Movies/TV/Radio/Labels/Advertisement utility. Author has written well over 155 Nos. of English Songs/Poems Lyrics (Each Song has 8-10 Stanzas, each with 4 Lines). He has also written 425 Haiku Poetry Lyrics, 325 Special Quotes (Each quote with 8-10 Lines.

For enquiries and more information, please contact Mr. Mantri Marku, the Author (Hyderabad-India). Email:

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My original works (Copy Right) in English/Telugu/Hindi Songs Lyrics, Stories, Quotes, Haiku Poetry. All for Movies/TV/Radio/Label Utility. Four (4) Novels Published. Other Best Stories you can view.

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