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Deception of Fate

This is a story about the day I finally saw him again.
It was a pretty summer day. It had been very sunny, but it wasn't too hot. I was there, you were too. I know how things hasn't been the most perfect between us since the cold December. You had been very distant, I had been too busy.

I crossed the street without a care about the world. I always crossed the roads like that, and you would always get angry at me because of that. But this time it was different, because you weren't even looking at me.

You were wearing a different perfume, I could smell it. I had always loved your old one, but I knew that I would soon grow to love this one too. The fragrance didn't matter as much as the person. No matter what you smelled like, or looked like, it was probably destined for me to fall for you.

But destiny can be a cruel joke too, sometimes. Perhaps it took me too long to understand that, or perhaps I never really thought about it. I was probably too much caught up in everything to really look around me, and understand what had really been going on.

You looked so good that day, with your black hair, flannel shirt and your slightly tilted glasses. I couldn't help myself but stare art you, for I was too much taken aback too.

I tried to look good that day. You noticed that you. You looked at my face with the kind smile that you always had when you looked at me. I was fooled by it, once again. I felt like a truck had hit me all of a sudden. I didn't care about the surrounding, the gossiping aunties and ran straight to your arms. You held me tight, like you always did. I hated myself for being so vulnerable, I hated myself for being in love.
You let me go, talked a little about your life. I could hear your voice but I barely paid any attention. I thought to myself, "why did I even come today?" But the question was answered when I saw your face once again, when I felt so lost that I couldn't even answer your basic questions.

That's when it happened, that's when she walked inside the little coffee shop. Her hair flowing, her make up perfect.

She sat beside you, you wrapped your arm around her waist. You've never put your hands around my waist, unless we were kissing. You always wrapped your arm around my neck like a friend does. Maybe that's what you've always seen me as, a friend. A person who would be there for no matter what, a person who would always have your back. I was lost in my thoughts. I looked up, at her face and then at yours. That's when I noticed, the same old kind smile that you had always reserved for me, was now flashing. Except that this time, I was not the reason, but her perfectly plump lips were.
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