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-Your Excellency sir, this is a short message that represent the opinion of at least *52Million Nigerian Youths who were utmostly dissappointed* by your intentional silence on ASUU Strike.

-Nobody ever imagined that the *PMB of 2015 will carelessly treat ASUU Strike for over 9weeks in 2018.* All of us are disappointed on your negotiating team!.

-Millions of Nigerians are only keeping quite on so *many of your "adminiatrative hiccups" simply because you are BABA BUHARI;* if it was Jonathan, the whole story would have been different, *WHY!?*

-I nearly died as an Electoral officer in 2015, trying to protect your votes, i was one of the people who mobilized *thousands of youths and heavy money for you, 24/7 on social Media* and now we must tell you a patriotic truth!.

-You just allowed some "petty officials" to treat *"Public Education" as lesser priority and continue to play with the intelligence of ASUU & Students' future;* don't push us to the wall.

-98.9% of Nigerian Students are *"Certified children of Nobodies"* not children of any of your Governors, Ministers, Ambasssadors or even labourers in Aso Rock.

-None of Nigeria's Presidents, VP's, Governors or anybody in your circle ever attended any school other than Public institutions. *Can't you sacrifice N1TRILLION to reach a consensual compromise with ASUU?.*

-Even if there is no money to give ASUU, please borrow from those recovered *looted billions in EFCC and ICPC, or simply use the 3Months Salaries of all your Ministers* to save our future!.

*-All of your generation enjoyed free education (Primary to tertiary),* full of benefits with enough allowances, free accomodation, free food (balanced diet) and never witnessed any kind of careless strikes.

*-Yusuf and Zarah graduated from Surrey UK, NUC Chairman son went to University of Aberdeen-UK;* and infact all of us knows that the *"rich kids" doesn't study in Nigeria,* we never complained, yet you don't want to act fast?.

*-Education, Health & Security are the sacrosanct priority of every serious government,* don't make us to start serious "fasting and Al-Qunut".

-Your Minister of Education is a"Jounalist", Minister of Labour & Employment is a "Medical doctor" *how then do you expect effeciency on Education?.*

-You *devalued the Naira with no cogent explanation,* yet Nigerians kept quite, simply because Nigerians still zoomed you as the Baba Buhari of the 2015 change Mantra!

-You watch, folded your hands and kept mute how *dollar skyrocket to N360,* yet Nigerians kept quite, simply because we are still ashamed to criticized what we appraised.

-Systematic Subsidy was stylishly facilitated, *Petrol price jump up to N145,* when i remebered how in 2012 we nearly killed ourselves on protest against Jonathan!

-Now, that we needed you the most, you allow the likes of *Babalakin, Adamu Adamu and Chris Ngige* to be wasting ASUU time without shame, trying to destroy the future of Nigerian Students.

-Don't force Nigerian Students to resolve to the *"Malcomian & Marxian alternatives".* We are the nearest future of Nigeria, not those "Euro-groomed Children" of our politicians.

-I write this with strict *objective mindset, without any political inclination,* hoping you will realized that there are Nigerians that will tell you truth without politics.

-NOW, Nigerian Students should stop killing ourselves, let us not allow this strike to be politicized like any matter!. *Weather ASUU & FG have any political benefits,* we must not care, but our future.

-We hope & pray that you will consider this *communique as urgently important.* Please accept our patrioric regard.

-Sir. Kuli Kuli.
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