Virginity or character??
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Confessed feelings By Rachel Fernandes

As mother's day is on the way, i present you all a poem , well, I am sure you'll all feel connected coz many a times we hurt our moms and feel guilty later so ,this one is for all the mothers out.. just wanna say you all are the purest soul on the earth..
I am rude,
That's nothing new,
But though I'm kind,
That's known by few,
You gave me birth,
Even though I never deserved,
You're not proud today,
But I promise,
You'll be someday,
Your tears ,
Skip my heartbeats,
I say sorry,
Things still repeat,
Hurting you,
I can't even dare,
For you're ,
The only person about whom I care,
You're my partner,
My partner in fun,
You're someone,
For whom my feelings can never run,
Yes, I know,
Sometimes I become rude,
You'll end up saying that's nothing new,
My LOVE for you,
Is known by few,
I'm not perfect,
I'll try to be,
I'll love you forever,
Your little girl,
Is what I'll be...!!!
- Rachel Fernandes

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Should character of a women be judged by her virginity?? A short story based on it.

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