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Common mistakes made by new sales persons.

My passion is sales. And over a number of years, I've sold countless products, met some of the most amazing people, lived through some amazing experiences, and developed countless relationships. And I would like to share these with anyone that is thinking

I'm one of those persons that had no idea (and still don't, for the most part) what I wanted to do with my life.

I jumped from job to job, mostly low paying ones. I figured out quite early on that I could not stay with a job that required me to work in an office though.

Once, a long time ago, between jobs, I was at a pretty low point in my life. I was completely broke, at home, not sure what to do..

I was reading the newspapers one day, and came across an ad for a sales representative for a company I had never heard of. On a whim, I decided to go to their office to find out a little more about the opportunity.

It turns out I mistakenly went to the office of another company with a similar name. And coincidentally, this other company also had an outstanding vacancy for a similar position. And they decided to interview me on the spot. Apparently they were impressed with my performance at the impromptu interview, and I was hired for the position on the spot.

Problem was, they hired me to sell a brand new product that was pretty pricey( given that I live in a third world country), and that I needed to sell from scratch. They had absolutely no customers for the product when they hired me. The other problem for me was that they offered me a ridiculously low basic salary. So if I wanted to make money, I had to create a miracle.

I started the job, without any real experience. And it was extremely tough for exactly one year. If I admitted how much money I took home, anyone I admitted it to would think I was totally nuts to stay on a job for one year that paid me that kind of money. But then, as soon as that year had elapsed, things started looking up pretty quickly.

I went on to become a star salesperson for that company, winning two consecutive awards, one of them being the best sales consultant for the south Caribbean region. That award, prior to me winning it, was won for 12 consecutive years by a company out of Trinidad and Tobago.

Unfortunately, I did not get to enjoy my success for long after that award, since superiors started plotting to have me replaced by their relatives. May sound shocking, but you see, the company that gave me the award was Kimberly-Clark. And they were so impressed by my performance, that they were offering to pay me directly to ensure I was comfortable and motivated enough to keep up the high performance. So opportunities like those are extremely rare. And they would also open doors for numerous other opportunities in the future. In my country, cronyism is as normal as the sun rising and setting...long story short, I was eventually forced out of the company.

But in all of this, I was extremely grateful, because I had finally found my passion. I've changed quite a few jobs since then,but always in the same field. And I would not look to do any other job, even if I am promised the world.

So recently I started reflecting on the last decade, and reliving some of my best memories. And I realized that I have managed to meet people from all walks of life. I have seen people grow from a little table selling sweets, to owning pretty successful businesses. I have built countless relationships over the years. Those relationships have grown in to friendships, and these people that I have as friends now, supports me in anything I sell. And I got to thinking, that if I can share some of what I have learned over the years with the world, and that if by sharing, I manage to help at least one person discover their passion for sales, that would make me extremely happy.

And so I am going to share my experiences with anyone that is willing to read and follow this blog. Because of job constraints, I may not be able to share them every day, or every week. But I promise to share my amazing journey with whoever chooses to follow this blog, and hopefully my insight and experiences touches at least one person. For that, I would be forever grateful.

For anyone that follows this blog, stay tuned for my next post....


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