Sea Four Poems
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If time was a clock...
Let's say time was a clock
I'd buy me the London Clock
Hang it on my chest
Like it's my one and only vest
I'd dance to its every tick and tock
And wave as its pendulum moves back and forthI'll swing back its hands
To when you and I lost our chance
I'll make things right
From where we left off that night
I'll say all the words
Jerking within my vocal cordMy lips wouldn't be a stranger to yours
As it'll be your sole willful choice
Fireflies would light up every grey
And smiles accompanied with tears would be what we pray
Because in the end it'll be you and I
Walking down side by side between the aisle
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Imagine yourself drowning in a sea of heartfelt words Gulping a million litres of breath-taking rhymes Slowly and gently as pictures of life's art Take hold of your mind Imagine! And all you just wanna do right now is Drown much longer in Sea Four..

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