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Childhood trauma

Childhood trauma

8 years ago

(Saira and zen - 8 years old)

In sairas home

( voices of breaking things coming up)

(Saira eavesdropping)

Maira (sairas mother): what l, i dont want that bastard its ur child too, u should take her and be responsible.

Sam (sairas father): no way i asked you to abort her, i never wanted her as u kept her u ahould bred her

Maira: we found out i am pregnant in the 4th month it was impossible to abort.

Sam: i dont care i dont want that child and if you dont want her then just leave her to the orphanage.

(Listening the whole conversation the saira who came to show her parents the drawing she made was broken into thousand pieces and ran to zen's house)

Zen's house

(Continous knocking)

Ally(zens mother): oh dear what r u doing so late at night

(Sairas trying hard to control her tears and trying to fake a smile)

Saira: aunty is zen in her room?

Ally: yes darling but r u okay(sensing the uneasiness)

Saira: no aunty everything is good, i am going upstairs

(Running through stairs, and opening the door of zens room without knocking)

Zen: (knew that only one person will open hus door without knocking) saira i told u a thousand time knock before u come in

(Instantly noticing her tears)

Saira: zee.......nnnn ah ha zee....nnn ahhh.......... It hurts zen.... It hurtzzz.. Sho much.... Ahhhhh...... Haa....

okay stop crying first and tell me what happened

Saira: mama..... Ah papa said..(sobbing) said they dont want me. Ahh ha ha........ Zen u once... Told me it only (crying) hurts when there is blood then why... Ah why it hurts so much when there is not even blood (crying loudly) it feels like j will die.

(It was the first time zen knew that the smiling girl is not as simple as she looks)

(He felt the same type of pain she felt seeing her cries)

(After that conversation her parents divorced and her custody was given to her mother, then saira decided that she will be a very good girl and will never burden her mother)

6 years ago

(The teacher called maira to school because saira had a fight with her classmate)

In sairas home

Maira: (shouting and screaming at saira) u bastard child why were u fighting u have already made my life hell by showing ur face everyday

Saira: but mother ( afraid to talk) they were talking about that u and papa dont love me at all

Maira: (shouting) so what was wrong with that ur father dont love you and neither do i. I hate ur disgusting face and that man who put u on m.

(Maira took sairas hand and put her in a storage room which was totally dark, saira trying to run out but suddenly felt the door shut on her face.)

Saira: mother mother plss plss let me out i dont wanna be here (crying loudly)

Maira: now stay here until u die.

( saira sobbing and after something she really thought that maybe it is better to die.)

(Zen was very worried about saira due to the situation so he visited her the next day).

Zen: (knocking)

Maira: (opening the door) hello zen what happened.

Zen: aunty where is saira

Maira: (scared and faking smile) darling she is sleeping.

Zen: (knows something fishy) could i see her?

Maira: darling u can just meet her tomorrow. Goodbye (shutting door at zens face)

Zen: (felt worried but decided to wait)

(The next day at the school)

Zen: (seeing mairas dress but stopped seeing her face covered) what happened trying to tear the mask she was hiding her face

Saira: noooo (shouted) dont do it

Zen: why (said angrily)

Saira: my mother hates my face so i will just cover it. So that she wont have any frustration because of me. (Smiling weakly)

Zen: (getting more angry) are u insane r u still calling that women your mother. Lets go to my parents and you will tell them everything and that women will get the punishment.

Saira: no please zen please no whoever she is, she is my mother please u should just not interfere in this please

Zen: (hearing this makes him more angry but he calm down as he knew she needs someone by her side and that someone needs to be him)

So he kept quite and just consoled her

But the thing is what happened that made zen hate her so much. Do you all want to know then read my article☺☺

To be continued......

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