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Celebrity relationship

Celebrity dating in industry and there ways of being famous and popularity.
Many celebrity had been in relationship but at just for few months it will be damaged.
But, I get to understand that in there career all they want is firm, popularity and famous.
At all cases, they will come together as boyfriend and girlfriend and make there money with the relationship and also doing music together
Remorse will be everywhere, that this celebrity was on a music video kissing or touching themselves. But at that time people don't know they making there money in all means, in internet, magazine, YouTube, Instagram. They will be getting firm and famous because many people are interested of what they did or what they say.
There life they leave every minute give them money and also with the people leaving beside them, one can be recording a video with the person daily and be making money in YouTube and Internet.
Like now in Nigeria, you can give account of many celebrity that people had thought that dating or not, Many of them!.
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