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Causes of emotional neediness on daughters

Daughters need certain actions from their mothers to keep them in good emotional state
There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting attached with someone but there is a difference between that and being needy of emotions from someone. The neediness here is the fact that, the person survering of it can’t stay without feeling unloved or never being satisfied with the amount of love been given to the person. Children especially the daughters are meant to be shown love by their mothers. Infact, their mothers plays a vital role in their emotional state of mind. So, its a sort of daughter and mother relationship.

The mothers should be the first in showing love to their daughters even though most daughters tend to be closer to their fathers most times, the mothers should never limit their relationship with their daughters even at that. When they lack that amount of respected relationship from their mothers, it results to emotional neediness to daughters. Here are the causes of emotional neediness on daughters.

1 Dismisive

If you get more observant, you will notice that, daughters mostly go to their mothers for advice, support or in any other way they thought you could be of help to them. Dismising your daughters at crucial times like this, will not only make them feel rejected but will also make them lack experience about certain things in life. If such happens to the more curious ones, they will be forced to start portraying emotional neediness even at an early age, where they just feel they could get that which you have deprived them of from just anyone that comes their way.

2 Controlling

In most cases, you will realize that daughters kind of get scared of a controlling person and you never want such. The mistake most mothers does is getting their daughters to be scared of them. Whether you are doing this consciously or unconsciously, it is very important you never get your daughters to be scared of you as a result of you controlling them. Well, you could try such at their tender ages, but when the child begins to mature, it is vital you respect that about them and limit the control or better still, stop the control.

3 Unavailable

Nothing hurts a daughter emotionally as an unavailable parent, especially the mum. Most times, the daughters will need that care and love from you as a mother. The best they expected at that time, is for you to be there as their mum. Unfortunately, you cannot tell when your daughters crave for that love and care they deserve, which is why being available for them is very important as it seems. If you travel a lot, its important you communicate often with your daughters or if its possible, they can travel along with you, let them do so.

4 Emerged

That lost but found sort of mum is emotionally damaging to the daughters. You don’t want to get them having the feeling that you could be there for them but you chose not to and then, all of a sudden, you just appear to them. Now, when they begin to feel very close to you because of the presence you have presented to them, you just disappear and your comming back to them could be when they have forgotten about you or about to forget about you. If you chose to be there for them at all times, it is advised it remains so for them so that, they don’t get to feel you are toying around with their emotions and crave for better one or get access to it somewhere else.

5 Combative

Please, if you are the mean type of mother, it is best you keep such trait far away from your daughters. Girls are emotional beings and they are 70% more miss-quote your mean personality for something else, such as lack of care and love, hatred or something that is discouraging to their emotions. Note that their tender ages is very important on how you treat them or it could go side ways in the long run. They may grow at maturity age and understand you for such trait but not at their tender ages.

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