caste effect in india in 21th century
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Caste effect in 21th century in India

Indian society is arranged horizontally in which 6343 castes are found in different layer of four varna .The four varnas are Brahman, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra.The shudra again divided into two main category,first is touchable and second is untouchable.The people who belongs from untouchable category, always struggle for respect but they don,t get respect till now. Upper three varna have their hold on society since before the period of vedas .They have all facilities to survival in society.But shudra have not get the respective life for survival,they struggle for the basic needs.

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Caste system is a poison for human being but in case of indian society,it is beneficial for some peoples who belong minority .They always used the caste system for their benefits.But for the people w

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