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Capterra Get Paid to Review Website; Make Money Recommending Products

Capterra Get Paid to Review Website; Make Money Recommending Products
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Capterra Review Website; We did not say you must only make money if you own a personal website. Now you can make over $100 in a month with this review website without having your ow website.

How awkward does it seem knowing that you could actually make money by just telling people around you what product you used and how the said product performed while you used it, the good sides, the bad sides and what the producer can do to enhance the products performance to serve the next users better?

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Pretty awkward right?

But this could pay you a load of money if you are being truthful enough in doing it.

Yet again, I would not love to start mixing words but you can get paid as god as $150 per month writing your reviews onCapterra Review Website on just about most things you have used before or what you are just using now if proper care is not taken.

So to say making money withCapterra Review Website is not rocket science as it is the tip of your own fingers.

But before we moved into telling you everything about everything, let us get the insight to what theCapterra Review Website really is.

  • What the heck isCapterra Review Website?

The Capterra Review Website is a website that allows people participate and aims at helping top businesses find the right review of softwares and almost everything else.

The best idea of theCapterra Review Website is that the reviews you read here are not incentivised but they are true reviews from true providers and not people who are paid to do so.

Capterra Review Website pays their users to review products (Up to 10 of them) for almost up to $10 each which seemed too good to be true by the way.

I made a little contact to my friend who have been a user of theCapterra Review Website and he confirmed this to be true ad you are just going to find out when you started making use of it too.

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Just like yo might have imagined, this websiteCapterra Review only pay users to review the products they have used before or the ones they are currently using by stating their likes and dislikes for the said products and also finalizing if other people should try the same product or leave it behind.

  • But; How did I get to know about theCapterra Review Website?

I was being skeptical about this in the first instance when I was told by a friend but not quite long after that, I started seeing positive reviews about their platform and I decided to give them a try see if they actually can meet what they promised.

And sure I was never disappointed.

I got to render my very first review on the platform and I got a very nice feedback from them.

  • You might be asking how theCapterra Review Website works, so lets talk about that.

Capterra Review Website simply wants you to just sign up and review softwares or products on their platform and these products ranges from Paypal, Google drive and many other softwares and I could guess you have used more than 20 of those softwares.

Besides, who hasn’t used WordPress as a blogger?

Perhaps no one.

You will only have to start u with getting registered with the platform using Linkedin social network as I suppose they do accept only Linkedin for now.

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You will be given a first hand review to write to know if you are really writing about what you actually know or you are just writing for the sake of the money.

Joining theCapterra Review Website is quite easy to do, you just have to head over to the Capterra official website and get registered as it is as easy as ABC.

Note: You will have to write a review first to get approved and after that, you will be invited to continue writing reviews and the first review you write after being fully accepted into this platform will be manually reviewed and approved for two to three weeks before you write a review on another product or software.

You see this is not a platform for make money online fast and easy. You got to work for it.

I was told by my friend that if they do see your firs 10 review as highly matching and people responded very well to it, you will be re invited to participate in another 10 reviews and as well get paid $10 per review written on the platform.

Now lets get down to business.

Let us walk you through how to get through your first review done and dusted and get approved

The Capterra Review Website is not a membership website but it uses Linkedin to make owning an account possible as such you will need a valid Linkedin account to be able to feature in this program.

  • Click on the write review now

Now you will click on the write review now and get to choose from several platforms and softwares to write reviews on and make sure you are writing on what you have used before and what you knows how best to explain to people.

This review is not limited to only bloggers and webmasters and as such, if you are a programmer, you will still see softwares you are good with and what softwares you have used or came across before and you ca review these softwares for money.

Also, be as truthful as you can be while writing your review.

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Here are some of the softwares you will get to review on theCapterra Review Website

  • Surveymonkey
  • AHrefs
  • PayPal
  • WordPress
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft powerpoint
  • Mailchimp
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Drive by Google
  • Microsoft word
  • Google spreadsheet

Now, lets say you clicked on to review Mailchimp, you will be directed to he place where you will will fill out your own details and proceed to the next step and get it done b saying exactly what the product was to you when you used it.

Now let us tell you the sides you have to see in this;

TheCapterra Review Website basically have three sides to which you must see before you will be finished with a single review so lets get to it now…

  • Divided and overall rating of the product by you the user
  • Pros and cons of the product by the user and your overall recommendations
  • How good you will recommend this product to people and friends

After completing these steps, you will have to wait for up to 5 working days to get your review to be manually reviewed and approved by theCapterra Review Website (But the first entry review takes just a day to get approved) and you will wait for up to three weeks to receive your payment from theCapterra Review Website.

When I registered with this platform and got started, I never knew that I would get to see a referral program onthis platform and also a greater earning potential so I could now make $50 more if more people got to signup through my own link (Basically 10 people I referred will get to pay me up to $50).

I have not got my own referral link for now so I will be updating that later.

Note: You can redeem your gift card in any amount as soon as you deem it fit to make a withdrawal or wait for it to get up to $100 before you initiate a withdrawal.

Hey! Let us help you increase your Adsense earnings by $400 this month through Adsense Abitrage. Email us @ to get started.

  • So how do you actually et paid on Capterra Review?

Th finds generated throughCapterra Review Website is usually redeemable in two ways only which are;

  • Gift cards (Basically Amazon)
  • Virtual Credit cards (For buying stuffs in Nigeria which doesn’t allow normal Nigerian credit cards such as paying for a business account on Feedspot)

You can redeem through gift cards only if you are in the USA reading this post as the gift cad is only allowed to USA users or if you are a Nigeria trying to redeem through gift card then you must have a plan to sell these gift cards to the buyers in Nigeria basically the Nigerian almighty .

so note that I have not receivedmy first payment fromCapterra Review Website but I knew who did ad I can vouch for them for being real and not fake.

Now if you are still thinking that this was all a made up story, you will need to have a rethink.

  • My verdict onCapterra Review Website

When I first started with m first review, I thought I wasn’t going to do well with it but after the first certification I received from the software company I wrote the review for, I was damn sure I was going to do better.

I have initiated my first payment for a $10 gift card and it is still on its way and I will be sure to update the post once I get my gift card in my own hands.

Hey! Let us help you increase your Adsense earnings by $400 this month through Adsense Abitrage. Email us @ to get started.

If you have not tried theCapterra Review Website before, I urge you to move over to and get started and you willbe sure not to regret a chance you took on them.


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