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Call to Awakening Youths

Call to Awakening Youths
Awaiting for the Right Change.
I grew up in a country where;
Youths were said to be leaders of tomorrow,
The innocent are punished and peccant are freed,
Promises are made and not fulfilled,
Education is a key but to no door,
Ignorance and Insecurity is the order of the day,
Citizens struggles but are not appreciated....
There is a need to be awakened,
A need for a better country,
A need for youths to acquire their rightful positions,
A need for Fulfillment, Success and Unity,
A need for Creativity and Purpose-Filled Life
This is a call to be Awakened!
A Desire for a Better Nigeria.
"Fora change to occur, amanneeds to be awakened."
Positive Thoughts✍
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