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Boulevard Clutch

It is a matter of great regret that the street children are dealing miserable life; there are a lot of magnanimous people who had established different missionary school, hospitals and children amendment centers.

The Boulevard Clutch
Street children are those who are desperate perturbed and dispossessed
who pass their lives arbitrarily here and there without having any particular
whereabouts. They have no basic rights like food, shelter and clothing to stay
alive on Earth. They somehow manage their lives based on the kindness of the
people. They live from hand to mouth. They get ahead of aimless life like a
ship without radar. They have no stress for education and health service for
the reason that of their helplessness in view of their no particular identity
of the society.

Street children don't have any
idea about their future. They don't have any particular job. They are generally
found beside the slums, rivers, markets, rail stations and around the airports.
Sometimes they are found in the middle of the town begging and asking for food
or money sometimes in the name of god or sometimes expressing their sorrowful
attitude in respect of their physical disability. They are found sleeping at
night in the corner of the road under miserable conditions. They are found
sometimes crying to get into the bus for begging from person to person, if the
people are found kind hearted, they may give some money. They make their best
efforts to survive somehow on Earth. Sometimes they fall in accident while
moving to and fro along the streets. They don't know the traffic rules even
they don't pass through zebra crossing. For this reason, they occasionally are
found to be seriously wounded by the peoples while plying over the roads. In
many times they are found to cry and make shouts for pains in their physical
organs. The law enforcing agency sometimes picks them up in their vans and
drops their body in the medical centers. As the street children have no ability
to give the fees of the doctors, the doctors ignore them. And do not take care
of them by providing necessary aids. Such street children emanate as motherless
child and orphan. In many times, the original parents leave them for wants of
sufficient resources to feed and bring up them. Many people who are religious
minded may sometimes take them to an orphanage or to any missionary
rehabilitation centre. Here, street children are brought up, grown up and are
considered as the citizen of the nation. This happens in rare case. In major
portion, street children are helpless and pass much distorted life. Sometimes,
they are found thieving the goods from the shops, markets and even from the
houses of the people. Sometimes, they are found to hide themselves from the
police, sometimes they are found arrested and are sentenced imprisonment. In
this way they spend their lives in the jail. In real life situation, if they
are caught by the civilian people, they are immorally tortured mentally and
physically. Even, if they are found while in pick pocketing or snatching mobile
phones or wrist watch, they are caught by agitated people and they are beaten
mercilessly. Consequently, if they are found alive, they are sent to the local
police station for further prosecution against pick pocketing and thieving.
Their lives at night are very much heart-rending as they have no shelter to
sleep at night; they have to face rainfalls and any natural disaster without
getting any means for survival.

Street children need to be put
in rehabilitation as they may be treated as the future

Backbone of nation. In this respect the society and the government
should come forward to provide necessary ways and means so that they may raise
their heads in bright day light in healthy life of society. The government
should chalk out plunge to settle them by providing food, shelter and clothing.
Not only that, they should provide supports for education and health care. The
government can also make plans to set up rehabilitation centers in different
divisions, districts and other high level sectors. There should be a set up of
a monitoring cell to identify the number of street children. Street children
maybe identified by allocating an index number. The respective centers should
specify their fundamental needs like food, shelter and clothing and other needs
like education and health services; this will be dealt in on behalf of the
state parties who will allocate funds for this purpose. The rehabilitation
centers need to provide logistic support so that the street children can raise
their heads like other good citizen of the country. We are conversant that the
street children are lying scattered here and there. They are being mentally
tortured and physically injured every time by the people who find them being
involved in socially immoral activities. Even the government can establish
refund centers in order to amend their draw backs in their lives. If we look
around the world, we will find that there are unlimited number of institutes
and rehabilitation centers where the street children are being developed
mentally and physically. In such institutes the molding of character of the
children are prioritized and in every spare of education equal importance on
moral as well as academic studies Our responsibility is to find out the street
children and send them to the rehabilitation centers where they would receive
better treatment. Even we can send them to an orphanage where the children are
provided with food, shelter and clothing with better health care and education.
We should not behave with them rudely rather we should be kind hearted so that
they are developed mentally and physically to promote their standard of living.
It is a matter of great regret that the street children are dealing miserable
life; there are a lot of magnanimous people who had established different
missionary school, hospitals and children amendment centers. Madam Teresa was
one of the personalities who had established more than four thousand centers.
In those centers, the children from different countries and from every nook and
corners of the world, even from other parts of outside India take education and
learn good conducts. They promote themselves and are enlightened in the field
of moral and spiritual education.

Suffice it to say, money is
lost, and nothing is lost. Health is lost, something is lost. But character is
lost then everything is lost. We should consider the street children like our
children and as such we should not neglect them in no circumstances. In our
present society, we should emphasize them towards developing their moral
character. Due to the fact, modern society is polluted for want of proper
guidance from the parents and the government. Our children are also being
polluted with uneven education system prevailing in our country let alone the
street children.

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