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Borderline Diabetes? Why You Must Know the New Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Any doctor who you will ask about type 2 diabetes treatments will assure you of one thing proper diet and exercise are necessary components that any diabetic patient should commit himself or herself to. For one, you need to make sure that your blood sugar

The most common signs of diabetes The Big Diabetes Lie Review in children is excessive urination and unquenchable thirst. Whenever a child starts to experience signs of diabetes the excessive amount of sugar in his blood makes him thirsty. They have to drink a plenty of liquids to compensate their thirst. As they are taking excessive amount of water they need to go to the rest room again and again.

Another telltale signs of diabetes in children is blurriness in vision. Unfortunately most children are unable to diagnose or even realize the problem. It is hard for a child distinguish between clear and blurry vision. This diabetic symptom is temporary as well.Anther signs of diabetes in children in tingling or numbness in his extremities. Again here children are sometimes unable to realize that something is going on. However few may complain there hand and feet are sleeping again and again.

Another signs of diabetes in children is there minor curs and wounds take a longer healing time. It is important for the parents to watch any wound or cut carefully so they may no blame that cut was deeper enough so it is taking time.Another most commonly overlooked sign of diabetes is irritable behavior. This is truer if a teenager is suffering from signs of diabetes. This lethal disease may cause the child to have mood swings to an extreme level. Generally these are described as teenage hormones.

Unexplained and sudden weight loss and severe huger are the other warning signs of diabetes the parents must look for. If at any stage of life your child suddenly starts to eat a lot it should be the cause of concern for the parents.Further if instead of eating a lot he is still losing weight so never confuse it that your child is having a growth spurt.I'm not going to give you too many facts on diabetes, other than it is life threatening and can harm your body, not to mention your mental state.


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