Boneman - my dream project (Part - 1) #novel
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Boneman - chapter 1 -- ego ruins life (part 3 )

hello all.. after two parts of prologue this is the first part of first chapter.. how the boneman comes in the world and who was the mental creator of it?>? STarts with an award function and comes to the scary forest...

12 years ago…


Ch ego
ruins life


12 years before that incident, in Italy. The scene goes to a big house; a large
mansion. White washed, big and a beautiful mansion, that was. Suddenly, a car
stops near the main gate and a man of around 30-35 years comes and get into the
car. Car crosses the main gate of that large property and after a ride from
Italy’s outer area to the main city’s governmental auditorium. The auditorium
was really a remarkable infrastructure; spreaded in a large area.

auditorium was as big as a president house or a chain of ten theaters. He
walked on the red carpet; which was especially for him because there were too
many hoardings showing his name and his smile blessed picture; on the
hoardings, there was a big missile just above his head. The hoardings were

Guineas governmental auditorium welcomes a great scientist, a future inventor
and a real patriot Mr. Omor Saquista to receive his Nobel award for his
inventions in the favor of country’s army, in the field of wars and army.

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