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Biography of Ahmani Topic

Biography of Ahmani Topic
Okani Chibuike Johnpaul who hails from Ihiala L.G.A ,In Anambra state. .He is popularly known as "Topic" in the music industry. He has just started his pursue for his dream as he enters into the music industry with his first song ,Title:" Bitches" which was released last year with five dudes from the industry, after the song he featured Icecold and Voly banks to sing "Control" also pursing further he featured Starzy in "Original" .Biography of Ahmani Topic - Image 1 Topic is an amazing rapper with the great talents of his own has want to release his first single album "No Mercy" and another single following "Cartel" .
Topic as a rapper has his role model as "Tidinz Mpandia " he is also looking forward to release more albums like "Abig" and "Aye".
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