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Benefits of Fennel Seed Tea during periods

This article is about some natural home made remedies to get relief from mentstraul cramp and pain
Pain and cramps are very natural during periods but sometimes it becomes quite intolerable.One can get relief from painkillers or taking some medications. But, they have their own side-effects too.So here is a natural home-made remedies that you can try at home.

Fennel Tea- Fennel contains anti-inflammatory substances, which naturally provide relief from the menstrual pain.During periods,some hormones are released in your blood, which accumulates on the uterus wall and cause pain Fennel tea contains high levels of phytoestrogen, also called dietary estrogen and corrects hormonal imbalances to improve moods. It regulate blood circulation and soothe uterine muscles to reduce discomfort and cramps, in one case study it has been found that the female who takes fennel during the period, they feel less pain

Preparation :

Mix one spoon fennel in one cup of water.
Now let it boil for 5-10 minutes.
Now filter it, and if necessary, add honey
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