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“Been about you since I met you”: A February Shenanigans

This February let's travel to our memory lane and fall in love, over and over again.
Love really, can either make you or
break you but never not love because it’s the most beautiful feeling you could
ever indulge.

You met someone and then suddenly everything
changed. You witnessed his/her smile and hear his/her laugh and it makes you
wide awake at night. It drives you crazy but in a good way, you tend to see the
beauty of life, the hope inside of you that one day everything will make sense,
the happiness in you that you haven’t found until the one came along and the
reason you want to wake up each and every day. Part of you want to believe that
it’s real when you feel “butterflies” in your stomach whenever you see him/her
walk towards you, that it’s huge when you always, always laugh at his/her jokes
(no matter how bad and corny it is) and that its next level “craziness in love”
when she/he is all you could think about at the end of every day and everything
you do or see reminds you of him/her. Whether if it’s love or not, one can only

Relationships can be messy and
complicated and it’s a fact (because we want facts only). When it gets rough,
it’s so easy to just disappear especially if the foundation is not firm enough
to carry the relationship all through out.
Being in love is scary sometimes. You both can be each other’s world and
can be each other’s hell. Know that when you love the person you’re also
hurting them, it’s a package, honey. And
when the relationship hit the rocky road be each other’s engine and “waze”.
When the other is 20% be 80% cause apparently relationship doesn’t work with
50/50 (no uh), you have to pour the other glass when it’s half empty to fill the
gap. There will be times that one will get sick with the other and when that
happen go back at the very beginning, remember all the reason why you pursue
the person and the relationship in the first place. Perhaps you could give each
other affirmations that it’s normal to feel that way because you are constantly
developing as an individual and you are going to always have a response to any situation.
Let them know so that adjustment will be realized instead of a mishap in your
relationship caused by a subtle connection. There is no perfect recipe for a
successful and healthy relationship. You gotta have to understand, accept and
respect each other no matter the circumstance and flaws. Always treasure every moments that you are
together and make it special and memorable cause when rough time comes you’re
gonna hold on to that. I don’t even think its love when you don’t let your
significant other sip on you coffee in the morning and annoy you in way that
you somehow like. Stop looking up to him/her as your Prince/Princess Charming because
it simply doesn’t exists. What if he/she at one point disappoint you? What if
one day, his/her kiss can’t save you anymore? You’re just gonna end up cursing
fairytales. Look up to him/her as a
partner, a person that’s going to be your teammate in doing life and “there is
no I in a team”. Make love as if it’s always your first time, close your eyes
and smile halfway through when you
kissed him/her, that way she/he will know you mean it.

Ever heard of a couple who once
claimed they’re in love and one day just forget to treat each other their world
and seemed to forget all the promises and exchanged of I Love Yous. Maybe
because they just held on to the idea of love, they forgot that it’s okay to
get mad at the other when they’ve done wrong; forgot to bring out the best from
each other and be there when one’s on his/her worst. Again failing to have
reason/s to pursue relationship is risky and dumb move. You both just gonna end
up hurting each other (let’s talk about toxic relationship).

Lame as they say but as far as love
is concern you have to give it a shot. Meet each other at the hallway. Sit on a
park bench and hold each other’s hand while stargazing. Kill your pride, it’s
okay to mess up but if you are not willing to sound stupid then you don’t
deserve to be in love at all.

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