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Be Vegetarian. Your body is a temple, not a tomb.

Be Vegetarian. Your body is a temple, not a tomb.
We all love animals, then why do we call some "pets" and others " dinner"? Anyone who has seen the inside of a slaughterhouse and still chooses to consume the consequences of sufferings, has no soul.
We are what we eat. Yes that is true. Every essence of our blood, flesh, bone and mind is made of what we eat. Who cook for us is also a matter of fact. Every thing, every surrounding is made of vibration and each vibration is interconnected. For an instance, if somebody cooks food for you with love, vibration of love will be transferred to you through that food. Today's young generation may not agree but Hindu culture in itself is very advanced and modern. What scientists are unfolding through their inventions has already been followed in our culture since ages.

In today's article my focus is on encouraging a vegetarian diet. Do you know that Saint and sages refuted the consumption of non vegetarian diet and they believed when an animal is killed their fear of death releases hormones that stays in their flesh even after it is cooked.

Satvik diet is believed to make a person more peaceful, less proned to anger, more kind and compassionate. Satvik means 'pure' , and consumption of non veg , stale food, alcohol is strictly prohibited in a Satvik lifestyle.But these qualities won't come overnight, it takes time to imbibe. Lord Krishna is referred to as ' Pashupalak' - one who protects all beings; Lord Shiva is referred to as ' Pashupati' - master of all being. How can you as a worshipper of these almighties, harm other beings? Under Satvik food habit, we believe that any food which cannot be offered to Lord Vishnu, is prohibited for human consumption.

Scientific reasons are hereby listed :

•Vegetarian diet reduces risk of heart attack to 23 %.

•80% of cancer patients in the world are non-vegetarian.

•95% of world's scientists are vegetarian

Non vegetarian diet takes cholestrol level to higher extent.

•98% of social workers in the world are vegetarians.

•Non vegetarian diet increases anger causing hormones in human body.

•Risk to any disease is higher in non vegetarian people.

•Human teeth are similar to that of herbivore.

•Non vegetarian diet makes a man more selfish and violent.

•Cries and voices of animals killed is one of the major cause of global warming.

Butchers who breed animals, care for them, feed them and kill them one day to make money. Does not non-veg eaters encourage the acts of butchers and are indirectly participating in such heinous act? If your taste buds crave for non vegetarian meal tame your mind and you will accomplish a big mission to become vegetarian.

One of the explaination i get from people on non veg diet is we control their population by consuming animals. I mean really? So the human population is increasing, will somebody come and shoot them dead to control human population?

If you feel pain when a human cry, you surely have a heart of gold to realise that the power you possess doesn't authorise you to kill and consume animals weaker to you.

Last but not the least " Stay healthy, stay vegetarian.

Love Animals, don't kill them for your pleasure."

Much blessings to the world.
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