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Revenge sounds so mean, I would rather call it returning favor. We owe some of our family members respect, but do not owe any of them LOVE.
Having a childhood where every moment, single fight the sole purpose is to prove yourself worthy and as strong, smart and competitive as your own sibling.

Being called as the “BLACK SHEEP” as the society quotes, doesn’t motivate you one bit. The very own self-confidence breaks looking at that sibling achieving everything they aimed, desired and goaled while the only thing you do is figuring out how to prove yourself to all those so called ‘concerned society people’.
The need to prove yourself and find your way back into the battle gets way to harder that you don’t realize who you are fighting with, for what and why? Realizing that your sibling is acing each and every task they do while you can’t even win at activities you specialize in breaks yourself and eventually you start hating your sibling for their every achievement.
Family get-to-gethers are all about them, parents pick them over you and your friends can’t stop talking about them and their wins which make you feel nothing but a complete looser. Each and every person around you is concerned and talking only about them and their well-doing. They admire how they take their own responsibility or about how smartly and efficiently have they worked and how they’ve grown does nothing but increases the growing hatredness towards them inside you.The harder you try to prove yourself to every one of them, the harder you fail. You start hating to talk to them or about them, avoid conversations that include about their wins and refrain yourself to fight back thinking you are never good enough.
And that’s where we commit the biggest mistake,instead of talking about your thoughts, discussing it with them and clearing your doubts all we choose is to keep away ourselves from that chaos, run away and isolate our self thinking about how we’ll never be that “PERFECT CHILD”, never good enough for them.

A rank in a course, number of cars in the garage or how big your house is doesn’t measure your smartness or your achievement. The lessons you learnt from the battles you fought, the scars the losses gave you and the person the failure shaped you defines YOU. Acceptance of yourself as who you are is the first step to success. Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you already are.
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