Isaac Chukwuma
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'Barcelona urges Neymar not to go on strike in Paris St German'

Barcelona have already urge Neymar to return to PSG training on time as they do not want the super star forward to jeopardize his return to campnou.
The Brazil international has allegedly
threatened to go on strike in a desperate attempt to force his way out of the French capital.
Spanish daily Sport claims that Neymar has been dissuaded from staying away from PSG's pre-season training camp, however, as Barca feel it will help to smooth a transfer.
PSG are not against the idea of cashing in on the world's most expensive player this summer if their valuation is met, but talks between the clubs are said to have stalled.
Neymar, currently carrying an ankle injury, is expected to discuss his future with the French giants next week once Brazil's Copa America campaign is over.

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