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Art is not what you see but what you make others see

Picasso Pablo -spanish artist once said everything you IMAGINE is REAL. I imagine a society that will bring back the human in humanity. Can we make that become real?
"The world doesn't make sense, so why should I paint something that makes sense"This powerful words of Pablo Picasso made me realise something. Most of the things we do are influenced by the environment created around us.
A friend of mine came up to me and told me this is a wrong generation for nice people to live in. I wouldn't blame her for thinking that, we were walking some day and someone came up to her and told her ,her ink made her the embodiment of the devil himself, that stun me and when I asked the person why he said that he said he was just having 'harmless fun'.I don't see anything' harmless' in killing a person's self esteem .What is fun about messing with someone's emotions? If you wanna have fun sing your heart out, dance like no one is watching, go chase birds but you don't have fun with someone's emotions.
Research blames depression and suicidal attempts on social media, abusive music and movies -if that's even a thing, but when does the blame fall on us?.Instead of building each other up we are busy tearing each other apart I have seen many girls turn into the men they want to date, I have seen so many guys getting hurt that they no longer want to be a part of anything that's not just been physical.We seem to create a society that justifies us for hating on certain things,A society that makes us see people as opportunities,a society that says if you have ink, you are just this and you can't be this, and so many people are getting hurt and this kind of environment is just unexplainable I would it's animalic but that would be an insult to the animals.
I love how people say the Bible is aganist tattoos the same chapter is against ladies wearing trousers,ladies shaving their heads, piercings and alot of things that I could on and on about but I won't focus on that because God says we are no longer under condemnation.That all our sins past, present, future sins are paid for. This is how, the wages of sin is death and Jesus died to pay the debt. That we are all His treasured possessions ,He did not say every one except those with body ink.God Himself doesn't stigmatise those with body ink, Why should we?
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I try to create beauty in my work that allows beauty in other people,Cause art is beautiful, it is unique, it is a freedom pass ,not something to make you feel like you signed up to be hated

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