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Art is a way to get away with anything

In a way we are looking for closure on somethings, looking for justification on some of the actions we have taken and in a way art is like our therapist whatever comes up,comes up, it is what it is and it should never be judged.
"Art is the highest form of hope"wise words by Gerhard Richter that I couldn't agree more with,cause there is something about art that just mends the soul, like how music seems to speak what we feel when words fail or how dancing is just a really beautiful language that no one can explain ,in a way art is an effort to create beside the real world a more humane world... But sadly it feels like we are living in a time where we try our very best to silence it.
When I first got inked I was so many things to some I was a disappointment, others a role model, others I was going through a phase of rebellion, and I had to adjust to this new environment of no matter what I ever did it was always going to come back to "You have a tattoo "and quotes like classy girs don't have tattoos didn't help my situation at some point it felt like I had done an abomination like someone would say nice things about me and in my head I'm like "you see the tats on my skin right? "
And what's worse is I am not the only one going through that, people out here are been judged for been different.
And it kinda sucks that we grow up been told that we can be anything we want to be only to find ourselves in a society that tells yes you can be anything people suggest you should be.
Not everyone who has a tattoo is in a cult or something, not every guy who has their ears pierced is gay, not everyone who has dyed their hair wants to light a house on fire or something, some of this people saw these things as beautiful and they wanted to be a part of that.
We say we want a world of change but we are busy killing dreamers vision which is scary because vision is what tells the difference between actually changing the world and becoming average.Maybe that's why we always end up stuck in a loop of history always repeating itself.
But as I always say it doesn't have to be that way all it takes is a little acceptance, Learning that just because someone is doing something different from status quo doesnt make them rebellious they looked at the world felt they didn't fit in and a now creating a new world which wouldn't be so bad ,would it?
We fight off so many horrible things let's not add killing each others vision to the list.

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