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Arch Salman Idris; A Leader Who Is Ready To Serve.

Arch Salman Idris; A Leader Who Is Ready To Serve.

Salman Idris is a man who's ready to bring infrastructure development to his constituency if giving the privilege, and in doing this, human infrastructure cannot be exempted as it's the most essential element. There's a saying that, "the best service a man can render is service to humanity". It's high time we support and vote a man who has the leadership skills to develop our dieing constituency.

Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and system serving a geographical environment. This is what is obviously lacking today in our constituency. I can strictly say, no single functioning company. Our constituency had barely enjoyed the presence of many basic amenities such as good roads networks, bridges, water and power supply, even good telecommunications services.
In small and big challenges, nobody cares to speak or act for the solutions. It's time we present and elect those with the interest of the people, a man who understand our needs.

It's only in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu we celebrate borehole as an achievement, for instance, what does it take one of our leaders to revive the kabba waterworks that has the capacity to serve the entire axis.

At this time, we need a representative with a blend of creativity and innovation, backed with the fairness to lead us in all sincerity. If our constituency must be great it's time we support the right candidates who have acquired knowledge in diverse areas of human needs. A philanthropist, a proactive and pragmatic leaders.

I present to you SALMAN IDRIS TIWANTIWA for 2019 House of Representatives Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency.

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