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Fuck everything and everyone
Fuck you!

Fuck everything!

Fuck everyone!

I'm happy on my own!

Fuck your feelings!

Fuck your life!

Fuck your hardwork!

Fuck your car!

Fuck your house!

Fuck the shit you got!

Just fuck off!

I thought i was loved

I thought you cared

You never did, selfish motherfucker

I worked hard to get to where i am

You can never be enough for me I'm too much for you

You need me, i don't need you...

You tried to lock me up for good

But i escaped

I kept blooming and glowing

You left me and took my soul with you

All i have is an icebox

You were the harmony to my heart beat

But now i rhyme different

I don't know what happiness is

I haven't felt love in a long time

I'm cold, I'm heartless i give no fucks

I've grown selfish and cared for none

If you look closely in my eyes you'll see

The burning flames of hatred

A rage and fury set for destruction

I despise you

I wish you death

I never want to have any memories of you

So i set out on a journey

I escape my past and hide in the shadows

Of a new lifestyle...

Stay away from me, or i swear I'll hurt you for good this time...
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