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Amichi Secondary School is a great place to work and visit! Ureporter for PreziLive Nkwegu writes

Amichi Secondary School is a great school, probably built in the 1960s
The school seems and even looks old. During my tour of the school I came in contact with the old pit toilet which dates way back to 1982... Wow.. So probably the school was constructed in the 1970s..
Formerly called Amichi Girls boarding school it is now called community secondary school Amichi (CSS AMICHI). For the benefit of coppers which I am, the school can boast of having regular water supply, for it has a borehole and a water reservoir that can last up to 10yrs by estimation. It's power supply it also fairly stable compared to other areas. The schools administration is also nice probably because of the unity that exists between the Principal and her staffs, coppers inclusive which makes the students constantly delay thier return back home after closing. , Lodging abode for coppers are also fairly comfortable.
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The school of life is interesting, let's travel together. Come hear and read and see my story.

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