Sea Four Poems
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Alphabets Locked in Words

Alphabets Locked in Words
Merge alphabets to form words so we build up a better generation...
Alphabet merge to make words
Words merge to make phrases
Phrases make sentences
And sentences conveys info
And information make sense
Well this is just a little idea to journey you thru' the next versesI'm crazy about the sense conveyed in words
Like the sweet words of my girlfriend
The prick I get listening to spoken word by propaganda
The chill I grasp in poems by sea four
And the sandwich of words
And musical notes from Owl cityFunny how people can be
These same alphabets locked up in words
They could be used to hurt someone
Like when I say to you
Now, that hurts but I really don't mean it.Moments ago
A favorite writer and a singer wrote a song
The lyric was,
I just wasted ten seconds of your life
Oops! He actually did because the song was really in ten seconds
Now that was geniusI like alphabets
Actually, I'm in love with words
Especially when they make sense
Rather than hurting my feeble heart
Or my roomy ears
Which grasps all manner of soundsCall me simpleminded
Or call me crazy
Say I'm not wise
Well that'll get me mad
Use extreme words on me
Ha! I care less about what you think Now get this
My use of words might be unprofessional
But the message is crystal clear
Alphabets locked in sense' cells
Must seek to build up a man
Use the right words so we could build a better generation
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Imagine yourself drowning in a sea of heartfelt words Gulping a million litres of breath-taking rhymes Slowly and gently as pictures of life's art Take hold of your mind Imagine! And all you just wanna do right now is Drown much longer in Sea Four..

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