Paul Emuekpere
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Against the Backdrop of Ethnic Secession and Elites Sentiments: Nigeria as a Case Study.

It is primarily about the unhealthy Sentiments inherent in an heterogeneous setting.
There have been agitations by some to secede from the heterogeneous state of Nigeria citing gross marginalisation politically, economically and otherwise. Going straight to my candid and rational points as regard the issue, I hereby objectively state that Nigeria as an entity is
not the problem! our
problem as it's with
other countries befaced
with diverse and
depressing fragility
presently and in the fall
of ages, has been the
avaricious interplay of
"The Elites". They
exploit the tools of
religion, ethnic
sentiments and chauvinism for their
solitary gain, while the
the average people destroy themselveson their
behest. Consequently,
they weaken our
strength as a people by causing
division amongst us. For instance, the default apartheid regime in
South Africa (white
supremacy) as minute
as they were in numbers, in order
to continue their reign
of hegemony caused
disharmony among the
blacks. Thus, the
strength and energy of
oneness was drained. The
paradigm shifted from the posture of
standing against a common foe to fighting themselves-the


Empirically, while the Africa National Congress;

ANC led by notables like Dr Nelson
Mandela, Oliver
Thambo, Govan Mbeki
Walter Sisulu, the non-
violent advocate and
nobel peace prize
president of the ANC; Albert Lithuli and others
advocated for justice
for the generality of all,
the PAC led by Chief
Bontellizi went Tribal. Also,the Black
Conscious Movement
led by Steve Biko slided
to racial advocacy (bl
ack power) and others.
And not forgetting Winnie
regressive idealogies. All
these gravely affected
the common pain, gain
and pursuit of the

ordinary South Africans.

,Also theelitistsand sentiment-activistcharade witnessed in Rwanda whichled to the devastatingand monstrous onslaught that splitedthe

Rwanda people into two stratified groups(Tutu

and Tutsi).

Furthermore, the unfortunateand devastating eventsin Liberia during thereign of Charles Tailor,

and the not-too -
distant war and
raging crisis in Libya that have turned it into a pariah state.
And not forgetting Sudan and

Syria as we converse.

The great 16Th president of the United States of America; AbrahamLincoln once recounted,

quoting from the Holy
Book; that a house that
is divided against itself
cannot stand. There
could have been noUnited States of
America if not that
some persons like
Lincoln saw what
beauty they could be as
one; a dream he paid
with his life. Consequently, America
is today a pride to
many. Though not

perfect, she has surmounted great challenges and established itself as a world power.

In addition, There was a

Martin Luther King Jnr
who expressed
eloquently the
aesthetic of
togetherness and equality in
rights and liberty, seeing his
opponent not as his
enemy but as brothers and sisters
needed to be reoriented and converted. He

too, paid with his life.

These men were notselfish but self rational;

working objectively for
the ultimate good of all
God's children;
dehumanised and
marginalised by their
very own in their respective sphere of contact. How i which,
we, the progress-encapsulated and developmental cravingpeople if Nigeria and indeed world over, would
tenaciously stand as one indivisible force of good
against the
enemy and speak with

a common voice creatively against the fundamental issues hindering the state with a view to solving them.

Every one is playing

the blame game! But
Jesus tells us: he that is
without sin, let him be the first to cast
the first stone.
Multi award winning Nigeria Artist; Tuface Innocent Idibia's song;
"HOLY" exemplifies the
Nigeria question greatly!
Yes, there are
problems, but we
should be wiser than
the causer-factors and
not cause the worst.
Furthermore, thinking of the Biafra
story and others that
have truncated the
world, it saddens
greatly, what the
actions of man could
cause their fellow men.

In conclusion, we all

have noble and great
roles to play. Roles that
are hinged on
righteousness and
consciousness; what
we say and how we
say it, body language,
response to issues etc.
Our greater cause
should be God's will: for
vain are the glories of
men and the world.
"righteousness exalts a
nation but sin is a


Finally, i just

hope and pray, be it
we remain one or
disintegrate into different entities, i wish at

the end, we all smile and create a better world for all.

Paul M. Emuekpere,

Benin city, Edo, Nigeria.


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Awesomely great
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Great article!