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Life speaks a lot

After that accident she decided to write her story.

Plabon, a 28years old young woman, was very depressed, frustrated, broken badly after that accident. She forgot the old Plabon who was very jolly, energetic, stylish, fashionable, who was very concerned about her nails to teeth. She knew only one thing she was abused badly.

Through a social networking site she met Anurag, her junior in office, after leaving that job. Slowly slowly he became close to Plabon.

3rd March, the day made her life hell, she was just thinking about it, unable to sleep that day, it's 3rd March, 2019 again. One year passed. Plabon decided to send a massage to Abir, so she sent but she didn't get any reply from him.

Plabon was crying literally ,she was feeling the pain again, it was not possible for her to tolerate this pain. Frustrated Plabon called Anurag.

'Hi, Anurag, I am feeling very down, can't do anything, Abir is not replying.'

Anu: Plabon, be matured now, he doesn't care for you, from last year you are suffering he never called you or massaged you, how can you expect from him? Please move on, I know it's not easy for you but please try. I promise I will gift all my afforts for you forgetting Abir. Let's go somewhere, at least you will be relaxed'

Pl: OK, let's go to Digha then, I just wanna leave Kolkata, at least for one-day I want to forget Abir,I am telling my sister to book two separate rooms for us.

Anu: I don't have have the money. You know my financial condition, I didn't get my salary yet.

Pl: That's OK, I will sponsore you, you don't worry. I need some break.

On 4th March, 2019 Anurag was waiting in his car for Plabon at Howrah bus stand.

Finally they started their short trip for Digha. Plabon was silent, she was thinking about Abir only. Anurag was talking continuously to Plabon, making her little bit comfortable,

"Plabon, please stop thinking about Abir, he doesn't care for you, so just chill and enjoy your trip. Change your mood."

Plabon shakes her head..

Their car entered into the resort area. After taking the keys from reception Plabon came to her room. Plabon sat on bed and started thinking about Abir. She was eagerly waiting for one reply from Abir.

Anurag was waiting outside of her room, Plabon came out without changing clothes. Anurag touched her head and said" Why didn't you change dear? " Plabon smiled and said "later, I am hungry, let's do lunch 1st then I will take bath and get refreshed "

They ordered for lunch in a small hotel at beach side. Both of them enjoyed the typical Bengali food rice and hot fish curry.

Plabon felt the sea is also alone like her, people can watch her beauty only, they can't understand the depth of her.

Suddenly she noticed Abir's photo is invisible on what's app. Finally she got the reply, she was blocked.

Plabon was feeling to take alcohol again, feeling to smoke, a secret pain was covering her whole body, she didn't understand what to do. Her eyes became red. She was feeling to shout and cry. Suddenly she looked at Anurag, who was busy checking his phone. Both of them came to their rooms.

3rd March, Plabon remembered Abir kissed her for the 1st time, both of them were alone in the lift. Plabon felt every touch of Abir. No.. No.. Plabon shouldn't think about Abir anymore.

Anurag knocked at her door. Plabon opened the door. Anurag entered her room. He understood watching Plabon's red eyes. Anurag told her" again Abir " Plabon was not in a mood to say anything.

Anurag came closer to Plabon, keep her chicks tightly "Move On"

Plabon heard this two words from multiple times from multiple people still was it possible for her to move on?

Plabon hugged Anurag, close her eyes, she was trying inventing Abir in Anurag. Anurag kissed her lips. Plabon didn't want to open her eyes, because if she opened her eyes she had to accept the truth... It's Anurag.. Not Abir .

They sat at the beach for a long time, Plabon was silent, Anurag was embarrassed little bit. They were eating 'Papri Chat', Plabon finally broke the silence an asked "do you have someone in your life?"

Anurag said"nope"

Pla: I remember your colleague told me once you left office earlier for your girlfriend.

Anu: ahh.. It was not truth.

Pla: Don't mind, I don't trust boys.

Anu: I am not like them

Pla:Uff...common dialogue of boys.

Anu: seriously, why am I giving you time if I have girlfriend, think about it.

Pla:hmm ....I don't care you are single or commited, we are not dating.

Anu: hmm I know.

After completing dinner Plabon came to her room. As usual she was unable to sleep, thinking about Abir. The day, when Plabon said goodbye to Abir for the last time. She was crying badly for Abir, Abir didn't look back at her.

In the morning Plabon was ready to leave the resort, Anurag came to her room, "So we are ready"


Anu: why are you upset, don't you wanna go?

Pla:If I will go to Kolkata, I will think about Abir again, I am scared.

Anu: Tell me one thing are you not missing him now?

Pla: hmm

Anu:Even when we had a kiss, you were thinking about Abir, who is fine in a different country, doesn't think about you..

Pla: hmm I know..

Anu:lets go Plabon..

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