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A small update on the 11th of December

A small resume of the features we improved the last weeks. So come check it out.
Hi Guys

It has been quite a month in the world of Nobedad. We did not added a lot of new features but we mostly extended old features and improved them.

As anybody may have noticed we changed from the blue colors to the black colors. In this way we really want to have a line in the identity of our platform. We also added a change in the display of your blogs when you choose one to write on. First we had a drop-down, now we have a visual representation of your logo's to click on.

We also added some load more buttons on a bunch of place. In this way you can scroll back to articles, blogs or comments from the past a lot better.

We also added an extra payment page. So you will no longer see the pop-up on the payment screen but you will be redirected to another page. We also improved the way you pick a payment option. First you were sent of to our payment processor to pick an option but now you can pick the option of your choice on the new payment page.

We also really improved the article creator. We enlarged the toolbar so it is better usable on mobile devices and we got rid of some nasty bugs which were still lurking in our toolbar to annoy our beloved Nobedad users.

Create headings

We of course also added some new options in the toolbar. So it is now possible to create a heading, like the one above, in your articles.
We also added some options on your settings page. You can now visit a page were you can see all the people you have blocked.

You can also now follow people from the notifications section and you can see the verified symbol in the message box.

We also made message real life so you don't have to refresh the page to see the new messages you received.

We hope you like this new features and we hope you will still be around when we launch the new set of incredible features to enrich your life.

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Malloaded profile image
Great article!
Fareedah profile image
Fareedah 11 September, 2019
Noble course profile image
Absolutely cool and correct
Swezenn6 profile image
Swezenn6 03 September, 2019
Nice improvement, Please include html posting in blog.
Swezenn6 profile image
Swezenn6 03 September, 2019
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Great article!