Day of a Nobedad coder.
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A small speed booster and some other things.

We boosted the performance of Nobedad so you can have less interference blogging or reading at Nobead. And some other small updates.
Hi Guys,

We just launched another patch update. In this update we focused almost solely on speed, speed and speed. We achieved to make it about 25% faster with this update. With this new improvement you have less hickups and pages will load faster. Therefore you can enjoy more time reading or writing blogs.

We also added some minor stuff in this updates. Some other performance upgrades and we added a new statistics displaying the average your readers read an article of yours. You can see it in the article statistics settings on each individual article.

Like you may already noticed we also added support for categories so we hope you like this one.

If you like this update give us a thumbs up or send us a message in the comment section, we will reply to all!
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