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A Review of the Book,”1984” by George Orwell

To conclude, George Orwell’s, “1984,” was analyzed as the author’s perception how the future of England would be. He precisely described his predictions of the year 1984.

There is no denying the fact that
George Orwell was a British Columnist and Author, who had created the renowned two novels of the 20th century
'Animal Farm' and 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' through which he had shown a
restoration of new civilized era by way of criticism and comparison of social and economical consequences.
was born Eric Arthur Blair on 25 June 1903 in eastern India, the son of a
British colonial civil servant. He was learned in England and, after he had left
Eton, became attached with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, then a British outpost.
He was acquiescent in 1927 and strong-willed to turn out to be a writer. In
1928, he stimulated to Paris where lack of accomplishment as a writer enforced
him into a series of tedious jobs. He narrated his experience in his first book, 'Down and
Out in Paris and London', published in 1933. He took the name George Orwell,
shortly before its publication. This was followed by his first novel, 'Burmese
Days', in 1934.

An nihilist in the late 1920s, by the 1930s he had begun to regard
as himself a socialist. In 1936, he was specially made to write an account of
poverty among unemployed miners in northern England, which resulted in 'The
Road to Wigan Pier' (1937). Late in 1936, Orwell travelled to Spain to brawl
for the Republicans alongside Franco's Nationalists. He was required to run
away in horror of his life from Soviet-backed communists who were suppressing world-shattering
communist dissenters. The know-how curved him into a enduring anti-Stalinist. In between 1941 and 1943, Orwell worked on misinformation
for the BBC. In 1943, he became legendary editor of the Tribune, a weekly
left-wing magazine. By now he was a creative member of the press, writing
articles, reviews and books.

In 1945, Orwell's 'Animal Farm' was published. A political allegory
set in a farmyard but based on Stalin's disloyalty of the Russian Revolution,
it made Orwell's name and ensured he was monetarily contented for the first
time in his life. 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' was published four years later. Set in
an imaginary totalitarian future, the book made a deep impression, with its
title and many phrases - such as 'Big Brother is watching you', 'newspeak' and
'doublethink' - entering popular use. By now Orwell's health was deteriorating
and he died of tuberculosis on 21 January 1950

The book,”1984”by George Orwell, is analyzed as
the author’s forecast of the prospect. George Orwell uses his mythical skills
to give information on what he assumes would take place in the year, 1984.The
protagonist, Winston writes in a diary his feelings which is against the law.
This event in the novel is very important because he is able to finally express
himself and get his thoughts out of his mind. In the day that we live in, it’s
no big deal to write in a diary but, in the times where it was not legal to
express thoughts and feelings, it meant a lot.

First, he feels that writing in that diary, for Winston, was
a very courageous step to take. If he were in his shoes he thinks that he would
have sought to write in the diary but, he honestly would be too nervous. Having
the ability to express one’s opinion is very important because, not everyone is
the same and we should all be able to voice our opinions at appropriate times.
Sometimes in school, he tends to find
myself wanting to say something but knowing that it is not appropriate for that
time. So, instead he express myself by
writing it down or speaking to my parents about it. Either or, it feels better
to get my thoughts out than to hold them in.

To conclude, George Orwell’s, “1984,” was analyzed as
the author’s perception how the future of England would be. He precisely
described his predictions of the year 1984. The very brave event that took
place when Winston wrote in his diary was very significant. This deepened my
understanding of the novel because it showed how powerful our freedom of speech
and expression really is. If the government had to ban it, it must have been
very powerful. This has deepened my understanding of expression as a
whole.1984was a well-written novel that is very significant
in the world.

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