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A Passionate Teacher

A Passionate Teacher
Teachers play a vital role in shaping young minds
She's a teacher by profession,
Lighting up young minds and hearts is her passion.
She begins her day with dedication,
To reach her destination.
She enjoys working with devotion,
Teaching children how to work in coordination.
Instilling moral values from life experiences and books of good collections.
She explains students with patience and compassion.
They wait for her classes with enthusiasm,
Thus she becomes the love of the students for generations.
Lots of challenges she has to face,
Yet continues her journey without frustration.
Students, parents or colleagues approach her for solutions,
She embraces their problems without any hesitations.
After the completion of the academic session,
Parents reward her with lots of appreciations.
For it's time for their children to leave her,
Having their eyes filled with tears of love and affection.
May they continue to be blessed,
With such real sources of inspiration.
Proud to be a teacher,
And also a friend to such inspirational teachers.

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