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A MIND TOWARDS UNITY: A Critical Panacea For Peace and Development.

A MIND TOWARDS UNITY: A Critical Panacea For Peace and Development.
The article is about the imperatives of building a mental construct towards unity in a complex and heterogeneous world where there are divergence of views and belief system.

So many people perceive themselves superior to others! They view their tribes, religion, denomination, creed, idealogy, education, family, prestige, status, physique and other endowments to be superior to their neighbours'. view theirs as precinct and paramount. Hence, these internal constructions in the mind snow-ball into reality, manifesting in diverse stratified behaviours that breed seeds of discord and contempt in the larger society. Therefore, a devastating blow is dealt against the hallowed concept of "Equality". This apparently, is the reason why there is so much rancour in our world! A world which consciously and unconsciously pitches one against another from early stages of human formation; where we absorb different sentiments about our friends, next door neighours and others which bends towards apathy and dislike. We are taught that the other person's tribe is evil, his religion or denomination is this and that! No one speaks good of the other while ours is the "main deal"-perfect and flawless! Ironically, with these constructed sentiments already established and esteemed concretely, we still hope and dream graciously to see ourselves as equal and act as one. No! We cannot eat our cake and at the same time have it, when we have "sliced and diced" and complicated ourselves from the inside. An African proverb says: if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. Thus' we are our own enemy. Just like pregnacy that evolves from the inside, we must begin to love ourselves and develop national consciousness from the inside, and then, a way is paved out for it to come out beautifully; blossoming all the way.
We are all created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, we are enjoined to love and lookout for one another; working towards those things that make us special individually and collectively for the general good-respecting and tolerating one another. There is this sacred beauty in Unity and Diversity; "How good and pleasant it is for all of God's people to leave together in peace and harmony". I guess and subscribe the rainbow says it best!
In conclusion, the Muskateers; guardians of old, echoes from history: One for all and All for one! And to you i say: i am because you are and you are because i am!

I love you great fellows and compatriots.


Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
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