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Emile Parsons, born in Abuja, could buy 2 houses within a month, Mercedes and paid all his debts. But previously, he worked with salary under the minimum wage. So, how could he earn so much money only in a month? He tells us his story."I worked at pizza delivery service for a year. I was prior a collage student and did a part time job in a restaurant. I did it to support my study. In the second year of study I was close to be expelled since I could not pay the tuition. At the time, I had to take a loan. I could finally paid my tuition, but I had no money to pay the monthly installments to the bank. Honestly, studying and working all at once was beyond my endurance, and eventually, I was expelled from campus a week before the end of school year. That was the beginning of the darkest days of my life. My father lost his job and my family didn't know how to survive. Could you imagine how hopeless I felt? I had no decent work and no education, and my father lost his job. I could do nothing to help them.One night, I was delivering a pizza to the last location. A guy opened the door. He was with his friends, and while he was paying the pizza, I heard their discussion about where would they invest $40,000 they earned 10 minutes ago. I just made a glance and saw a sort of graph and figures on the laptop screen. The guy opening the door gave me 1000 Rand but the price was only 300 Rand. He told me to keep the change.I was absolutely surprised and after I got back home, I took my laptop and tried to recall about their discussion. After 5 minutes, I remembered that they told about binary options. On the Olymp Trade website I found the graphs and figures I saw at the guy's laptop.After reading all information about the broker and watching tutorial videos, I opened a demo account where I got virtual money. I quickly understood what I had to do, it was very easy. I earned some money after my very first transaction. Then I thought... I did not lose anything, so I decided to open a real account and deposited my last money there. At the morning, I woke up and saw that I earned $467 over that night. After 2 weeks I could paid my debts off, bought a car, and I could help my father while he was searching for a new job and pay his expenses for the next few months. 2 weeks later, I already had 2 houses in the suburb. And all I did without leaving my home and getting higher education.That's my luck. It would never happen if I did not meet the rich guy while delivering the pizza. I know there are a lot of people having not good times like me, that's why I tell you: if you want to live without any problem, I can tell you how to earn money with Olymp Trade. It is very easy if you would try it.

What do you need to do to start earning money too?

First, open an account with a broker by clicking here (you’ll need to enter your name, email address, phone number, password, choose the account currency and tick to show your agreement; click Register).Step-by-step you’ll be shown 7 tips describing what’s displayed on your account. Look through all the material by pressing «NEXT STEP» after every description.Now for the interesting part! A strategy for making a profit!Now that you have an account with a broker, you need a 100%-profitable strategy. It’s recommended to start with the “up-down” strategy – it’s so simple, anyone can understand it and use it!
  1. First, you need to pick a currency pair: EUR / USD works well here.
  2. Get ready for your first trade: set a time of 1 minute and an amount of $1.
  3. Now start trading. You have to forecast whether the exchange rate will goUPorDOWNwithin a minute after you opened the trade.With this strategy, you can make any forecast when you start. It doesn’t matter whether you choose UP or DOWN..
  4. Let’s say you pickUP. Remember that it doesn’t matter what you pick. The strategy works 100% in any case.
  5. If in reality the chart goes up, as you predicted, you’ll get$1.92back in your account (instead of your initial one dollar!). Now you have to make your next trade, but this time you should choose the opposite value:DOWN(the amount and time don't change; keep them at $1 and 1 minute).
  6. So let’s say the chart goes the other way and your trade isn’t successful. That means you need to raise the next trade to $3 and change the direction of the chart again (i.e. If your last choice was DOWN, now you have to chooseUP);
  7. The chart once again doesn’t go the way you wanted, and you lose this trade too. This is nothing to worry about (remember, with this strategy you always make back your losses!). In order to recoup your losses and make a profit now, you have to increase the trade to $8 (don't change the time of the trade). Then chooseDOWN(as we chose UP the last time).
  8. Great! That time you chose the right direction and got$15.36(you made up for your losses and earned more money!). Now go back to trading at $1 and start over again. This time you have to chooseUP. That’s why it’s called the “up-down” strategy.
Remember!Always change the direction (UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN), regardless of whether your bet is successful or not. Your first trade should always be $1. If you lose, increase the amount to $3. If you lose again, change it to $8. If it happens again, raise it to $18 (personally, I’ve never had to do this despite the fact that I trade every day) As soon as a trade is successful, go back to the original amount of $1 and start over again.Finally, allow me to brag a little... Here's what I earned over the weekend. Good luck!
Money management is calculation of the transactions value. That’s a short version. You can find all info at the OlympTrade website. Just go there and read.
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Martin, yes. I have almost no risk at all. The system can handle seven stages; my transactions take 10 minutes, and I always make it a point to carefully analyze the market. I sometimes make only 15 transactions per day. And this way, I have a positive balance every day! At one point at the beginning of summer, on receiving the trading results, I was in the hole. And next day, I had refunded everything.
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And then because of such guys like you who do not care to read the article to the end, we get binary option haters. Charmaine, how are you trading? You are using Martin, aren’t you?
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What are such managements? I don’t get it at all.
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Werner, take a time-out for a day. Go to the broker’s website, and read it carefully. Half is too much. You may be lucky once, twice, ten times. But that’s not guaranteed. You must risk a smaller amount, or use DCS, but with a minimum of 5 stages. As for me, I guess it’s better to use 6 or 7-stage, especially for novices. If one trades as you do, in a year, even Soros will live for redundancy award. Try again, but risk less.
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Gert, damn! I did it exactly that way. I used almost half of my deposit in one transaction. Should I never do that or what? How should I do it, then?
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Paul, the strategy is just one on the points. You have to monitor money management and risk management. If you risk a half of your deposit per transaction, no strategy shall be of any use. You shall use your own head and avoid gambling excitement.
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Looks questionable to me. Maybe some Emile uses some secret strategy? Why then every person to trade thereupon earned far from ten thousand dollars, moreover, don’t earn every time? How's this possible?
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Simon, it has to be more that doubling. But in general it’s right.
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Nettie, it’s the Damage Compensation System. You double the transaction value after every unprofitable one, something like that.
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Simon, what is DCS?
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Simon, what’s the matter? You have this experience, what stops you now? Yes, you’ve fouled up, there’s nothing to be done. Credit the money to the account and go on, tomorrow you won’t even remember this story.
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Kobie, how exactly how you traded? What strategy did you use?
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As for me, it’s a disaster. I traded per DCS, rolled from 6,000 to 100,000 rand in three weeks and then decided to show off before my friends, gave up accurate money management, hectically opened transactions and spent it all. I have even felt utterly discouraged to start from scratch. With such a speed I would have earned 150,000 by now, such a shame.
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Chris, why do you withdraw the whole income? That’s wrong. If you have such an account, you shall withdraw less in order to make more; and then to withdraw a fair amount. I did so myself.
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Abrie, what’s so strange? Have you noticed how many millionaires are there in the country? Not everyone has inherited a trunk of golden rattletraps from the gypsy grandmother. Someone has got rolling himself. As or me, I’m also trading bit by bit, unlike this guy, of course, however, I withdraw a hundred dollars per month. Moreover, my deposit is 500 dollars only.
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Silly to believe that there’s such a thing somewhere on the Internet. If so, everyone would have had a golden toilet.
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Options are a revolutionary way of earning in the financial markets, which is very straightforward, quick, and extremely lucrative. You probably know what financial markets are venues where currencies, such as the dollar, the euro, or the pound, are are traded 24/7, i.e. with no breaks or days off whatsoever.

"Got rich in a month!"-Jennifer

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"A crisis taught me to make millions when I was just 26"-Indira Thakur

"In just 4 months I learned to make millions, despite the recession"-Dami

"I still can't believe that I get 3,000 every day!"-BabatundeGodswill

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