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Update 0.5.02: new features

Update 0.5.02: new features
Looking up article statistics, twitter sharing improvement, better links, removed some bugs and more
Update on the Nobedad system just went live. We added some new features that would expand the possibilities for analytics. Now it is possible to watch the statistics on comments, likes, views and views per day via the my articles interface. Also we removed some parts of the navigation bar so it would be better looking on mobile phones.

The urls now can use url-names or the article identifiers. We are really happy with this changes because in this way articles are much more easy to share and are better looking in search machines.

For us it is very important that we have a consequent layout and an easy to use UI. At this moment we are still not happy about this because it is not easy to use. Therefore we will keep focus on this the following week

The next few days we will be working on the advertising system and improvement of mobile design. The next update will take a few more days for we can finish it :)

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