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5 Healthy Life Style Tips Everyone Should Follow

5 Healthy Life Style Tips Everyone Should Follow
First step towards a healthy life style. Start now! And keep changing gradually

Eat variety of food

As we all know that fruits have essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers and they also boost up your energy.In a healthy diet, about 12 to 20 percent of your total daily calories should come from protein. Your body needs protein for growth, maintenance, and energy. Protein can also be stored and is used mostly by your muscles. Your body changes about 60 percent of protein into glucose.So we should eat fruits as it provide us basic food nutrients.

Drink Plenty of fluids

75 % of human body is formed up of water.Water is the basic necessity of life.In order to sustain our life water is really essential.Water helps create saliva,it regulates your body temperature. It protect your tissues,spinal cord and joints.It also helps maximize physical performance.


Do plenty of exercise like running, jogging etc.Sweat is actually a good thing.Exercise can help you with weight loss.It is good for your muscles and bones.It can help you with relaxation and sleeping quality.So do more and more exercise.

Take adequate sleep

Take enough sleep is most important for your health.When you don't get enough sleep your brain start eating itself well yeah that's kind of scary but it's true.I have read it on internet a few months back. 7-8 hours of sleep is an important requirement for a healthy body

Eat in portions

Eating variety of foods in the right amount is the key to get a healthier body faster.When you eat in portions your digestive system gets more time to digest less food so in a way we can say that by eating in portions we can make our stomach happy.Paying attention of portion size will help us not to consume too much calories and will allow us to eat all the foods we like, without having to skip any.

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