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5 Biggest myths about Brexit.

5 Biggest myths about Brexit.
After Theresa May again suffered because of the Brexit today in the house of lords, here are 5 big Myths about the Brexit.
It is almost 2 years after the British people voted for a future without the EU. In this period Prime Minister Theresa May suffered loss after loss in both houses that represent the people in Britain. Not many people know at this moment what is going to be the next step in the figurative departure of the British island.

But here are 5 Myths which are definitely not true about the Brexit.

1. The UK will leave in exactly 2 years.
Well almost 2 years have passed. Or the UK goes running to the finish but this is definitely not going to happen.

2. If they can't negotiate a deal, the UK will be cut of the EU.
The UK is still an ally of many European countries and has a huge economy. Countries in the EU will still trade with the UK no matter what this deal says.

3. After the UK has left the EU will have no more power on the UK.
The EU still has a vote on companies who want to merge.

4. There is no turning back.
The people have voted to get rid of the EU. But in the end the Cabinet has to actually take word to the deed. It still is possible to stay in the EU after all.

5. After the Brexit London will be a ghost town.
Of course some companies will leave London because they lean a lot on the EU. But 75% of the banking economics in the city is not EU-related.
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