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4 Important things you need to know about the crisis in Venezuela.

4 Important things you need to know about the crisis in Venezuela.

Venezuela is falling in to the abyss, but what is actually happening over there? 4 Things you need to know about this crisis.

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Venezuela's inflation is rising, people are fleeing the country and Maduro keep's doing strange things. But what is actually happening and even more important, why? Here are 5 things you can say to co-workers if they are talking about Venezuela and you want to join the conversation.

~President Nicolas Maduro~
Nicolas Maduro is president of Venezuela and one of the main causes of the current crisis, because of his economical plans, or the absent of them, the land has crushed. People are hungry and many political opponents are sent to jail.

~Thousands of people are seeking asylum in other countries~
The Lesser Antilles Islands have their own version of the refugee crisis which we saw in Europe, but it is equally to the refugee crisis. The government in Bogota, Colombia even went to Turkey to see how Turkey is dealing with the Syrian Refugee crisis. People in Venezuela are fleeing the country since the 90s when president Chavez rose to power but in the last years it is growing, rapidly.

~Venezuela is very rich in oil~
Always interesting to tell other people and probably also the reason why we are so interested in the walks of this country. It is stacked with oil but the last year it has not got any advantage of it. The drop of the oil price from the last years is also one of the reasons actually that Venezuela is in such turmoil this days.

~Venezuela has an immens inflation~
The inflation in Venezuela isn't even anymore called inflation, it is called hyperinflation, and it is bad news. The IMF forecasted that inflation in Venezuela is going to exceed 10,000%. For example, in an average European country this would be around 1.5%

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3ThingsYouNeedToKnow Venezuela crisis

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