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3am thoughts

True self talk
Writing about things that bother me has never been easy per se, I 'm the kind of person you would probably not want to watch a touching movie with, my problem? I'm freaking emotional.
Laying awake by 3am trying to arrange your mental state is probably not the best thing to do but, hey most times I don't do the best things.
First thing to know about me is that I'm not like the everyday human, ..I'm not trying to say I'm extraordinary..nah, I'm just saying I'm a little bit far from the line .
Most people say I'm weird,some say I'm a freak ,but what I really am is a little bit out of sorts. I do admit that most times I'm neither here nor there and I might actually akward (very) .It's just that sometimes, somethings leave us scarred forever ,they say time heal wounds but even people with cut off parts feel mental pain. What I' m trying to do is uncover what has always been covered. I know I don't have the worst story out there but sometimes pain differs . It's like not knowing your true self any more, ya know?
I'm typing this at 3am and there is a lot of shit going on in my head right now. Sometimes,I wish I was born genetically modified...to be perfect ,ya know?
I'm just having a hard time accepting myself
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