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Velverado: Counthino available to face Napoli

Barcelona fans had their eyebrows raised when Philippe Coutinho and
Arturo Vidal were left off the bench for last Wednesday’s friendly against

Napoli , which fueled rumors about their possible departure from the club.

But there’s no need to worry about them if you don’t want them to go, at least not yet. Ernesto Valverde confirmed on Friday’s press conference that the two are available for the second friendly against Napoli, Saturday in Michigan, and the reason why they missed the game in Miami was fitness and nothing else.

“It is possible [Coutinho and Vidal] can participate. They didn’t play the other day because they only had two training session, and it is possible Arthur can play a few minutes as well.”

Source: Mundo Deportivo
So there it is. Coutinho and Vidal are not leaving (yet) and will be in uniform to face Napoli.
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