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Grabiel Jesus finally dribble pass Vandijk video

During a 2018/2019 season where Liverpool Virgil Vandjik scooped up the PFA player of the year award, Liverpool's colossus at the back was famously never dribbled past all season long

Well, that 65-game record, which stretched into the previous season, has been broken, and we haven't even kicked a ball in the Premier League yet!

Yesterday's annual curtain-raiser between Jurgen Klopp's side and Manchester City concluded in a penalty shoot-out win for City, but with one neat turn away from Van Dijk, Gabriel Jesus did what no one could do for 17 months.
As the game reached its climax in the 87th minute, Jesus received the ball on the half-turn in the centre-circle.

With the game strecthed, Van Dijk, as he so often does, believed he could win the ball back immediately with a firm a challenge.

But not on this occasion.

The Brazilian forward sees the committed Dutchman coming from a mile off, shirks right with some rapidly neat footwork, and completes the 'dribble', playing a through ball in the direction of Kevin de Bruyne.

The consequent pass was actually overhit by Jesus, but he was nonetheless too quick for Van Dijk in the closing stages of the match, and the 65-game run was over.

Van Dijk had a superb 2018-19 season for Liverpool, winning the PFA Player of the Year gong at the prestigious end of season awards - the first defender to win it since John Terry in 2005.

The 28-year-old also scored a crucial away goal in the last-16 of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, and went onto lift the trophy against Tottenham in Madrid.
Yesterday though, Manchester City won their fifth domestic trophy in a row, and it would be Jesus who would have the final say, calmly slotting in the match-winning penalty after it finished 1-1 in normal time.
But, if anything, Jesus will be remembered more for five seconds of brilliant centre-forward play, outfoxing arguably the best centre-back in the world, which will give strikers around the country confidence that Van djik is not indestructible at all.

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