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The Awaiting Moments

So this is the recounting of my story,
I felt my whole life I've been sorry
From loving to hating,
Oh! Is this a price I'm paying?
You left without a goodbye
I lived a life with memories of suicide,
When will this awaiting moment be over ?
Taking in drugs which makes me sober,
On the bed I cover myself with a duvet
How I wished I could go for that buffet;
But I can't imagine myself being lonely
Who will look at me and tell me I'm lovely.
When will this awaiting moment be over?
I tried to kill myself with a choker
But silly me that's for fashion
An idea came, where is my cushion?
I saw a stretched hand but thought it was a dream
Poor me let just get drown in a stream
But he smiled and said, "The Awaiting Moment is over".

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